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Luis Kaiulani


Born Honolulu, Hawaii,1963, growing up as a child in Hawaii,  Kaiulani describes his influence as a mixture of culture & nature, geography & philosophy.  His upbringing involved absorbing all of the wonders of the Hawaiian forests, playing in the sands on secluded beaches, meditating on mountaintops and diving into one of the world’s most amazing bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean.  While he credits his affinity toward nature to this another side of Kaiulani that is fiery, passionate and aching for excitement. He attributes this ‘fiery’ side to his Latin American heritage, for the past 20 years, Kaiulani’s attention to fluidity, mindfulness and color dimension bring his artworks into a realm all of their own. Kaiulani creates abstract works that draw from his Hawaiian and Venezuelan backgrounds and are expressed via his sculptures, paintings and art objects.

For the onlooker, his work simultaneously feels strong and imaginary, much like the archipelago he hails from.  His focus on color brings to life his work’s objective, Kaiulani  says, “My art is a metaphor for nature’s constant quest for growth through learning, experience and contribution.” And this objective is made evident when one looks at the color and rhythm that his works of art exude.

He is a self-taught sculptor, he seeks subjects that complement his growing concern with form, space, and color, where the presentation of  forms and symbols as subject matters illuminate modern existence as has been the influence of Surrealism, Cubism, and Abstract art. In his arsenal, Kaiulani utilizes various combinations of painting and sculpture construction methods.  Kaiulani finds circles and lines to have many variations and these variables allow him limitless options of expression. While creating artworks, Kaiulani transfers onto his canvas and metal sculptures a notable graceful emphasis that permits him to express himself and create wondrous masterpieces. One of  Kaiulani’s signatures is that he welds, cuts, sand and paints all his pieces , it all has to be just right.  To Kaiulani, even the canvas is part of the painting as the welding is part of the sculpture, from beginning to end, the attention to details during the assembly process  is the physical part of bringing a piece together. It’s more than a mind connection, it’s a physical connection. Kaiulani is always creating and producing in his studio, he is currently preparing various installations that will soon debut.  Luis declares, “My goal is to keep moving forward, to keep making works of art; I’m focused on making many more paintings and sculptures.”

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